Best Football Apps for Android Smartphones

Here I’ve listed best football apps for android device.Since the advent of smartphones, the gaming world has completely changed. Previously we needed consoles or PC to carry out gaming but now even our phones offers some of the best games that are available. For all the football fans, they all were surprised to know about the games which offered almost real life experience of playing football. Some of them are really popular and have millions of players playing them. You will love to know about the best football games that you can get for your smartphone.


Fifa is by far the best football game no matter which device it is played in. Even in smartphones, the gameplay is starkly similar to what the overall game promises. The players look quite the same and even the other elements of the game are similar to the real life. All the details have been nicely shown and you will just end up playing the game for hours.

Pro Evolution Soccer 16

This is the closest which comes to Fifa in terms of football gameplay. Even this game offers some great features and you will love the visual aspect of it. Although a phone has a comparatively smaller display, the game captures the essence of football in the most beautiful way possible. If you are a football fan, you must definitely check out this game, it won’t disappoint you.

best football apps for android

Real Football 15

This is among the few games that are exclusively made for phones. The game is made by Gameloft, which is one of the major game companies. It gives a tough challenge to the reputed and wildly popular football game brands that have existed for years. The gameplay is quite easy and feels realistic; it is great for those who are just getting started with such games.

PES Club Manager

Every football fan must have once imagined of managing their favorite club. In this game, that wish actually comes true when you get to manage the club you had always wanted to. You can manage the clubs and are responsible for all the results of the matches that your club plays. You can do transfers, buy players and make different strategies for the game.

Betmob Soccer Betting

If you have always felt that you can predict the scores of football matches better than anyone else, this would be a great opportunity for you to sharpen your skills and show everyone what you have got. You can compete with either friends or completely random people which are quite fun as well. The money used in the game is not real money but you will feel as if everything is happening for real.

Final Say

All these games are phenomenal in their own rights and if you are a true football gaming fan, all of them are great for you. You can find them on the Google Play Store easily. In case you are looking for downloading such games, M88 have some cool deals for you that you might want to checkout.If I’ve missed any other best football apps for android please do leave the name or link in comments.

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  1. Now the trending has been changed as we can watch the live telecast of all matches with our smartphones. I’m big fan of football as I’m living in Europe country moreover I’m an traveler which I miss the live matches to watch in stadium as I prefer app to watch them. I’ve used most of the paid football apps for android device rather preferring free one in order to avoid connection errors.

  2. Having an app its an easy option to watch live football matches via android device more over N number of apps are available in Google Play Store but we need to use the best one for good view of the matches.Paid and free football apps for android devices are available in store but make sure to check the reviews before installing them on your devices bcoz some may be best and worst..between good list of apps.

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