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G2 is perhaps the best smartphone ever built by LG. In addition to some really good specs including Quad Core Snapdragon 800 processor, 1080p display and 13 MP Camera, this device comes with an array of features which makes it as a tough competitor to other popular devices including S4 and others. Following are some of the beast features of LG G2 which makes it a sought after device in the market.

Answer Me:

According to the manufacturers, gone are the times when the user needs to click or swipe to answer the incoming calls. G2 has an in built technology which automatically picks you the phone when you raise it to your ear. Yes, it behaves like an old school wired telephone and save the hassles in picking up the call due to clicking or swiping. It’s more useful in colder weather when navigating the screen is difficult.

lg g2 features

Guest Mode:

G2 sports other revolutionary and useful features, i.e., the “Guest Mode”.  It adds another user account to your device and allows other user to operate your device without comprising on your privacy. You can set a different lock pattern; install apps, files and other personal information in the Guest account, just like in case of PCs and laptops.


Taking cues from the WatchON application of Samsung, is QuickRemote by LG. However, the latter is much more better and  advanced then the former. The users can control a wide range of IR devices which including gaming consoles, televisions, Wi-Fi etc. The “learn” feature of ths mode enables the device to funcation like any other RC and learn its various funcation.

Plug & Pop

This feature gets activated when you remove the S pen from a handset or insert a set of headphones. The recommended applications which are completely unique and tailored to the handset or stylus pops up on the home screen. The device replaces the default apps and replaces them with the more used and customized apps so that you don’t have to face too much time in brooding and looking for them in the menu.


This simple and effective G2 feature helps in waking up the device without any hassle. By just tapping on the device twice, the screen will wake up. This implies you need not look for the little button every time when you have to operate the screen.

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