The 8 Best Camera Apps for iPhone Revealed

Thought your iPhone camera was enough? Don’t be contented with the stereotype because there’s a lot more you can do with your device using some of the best camera apps for iPhone that can be downloaded at the App Store.

1. Instagram (free) – Instagram is one of the most popular social media photo-sharing apps. With Instagram, users can use their built in device’s camera to take pictures and then automatically apply effects and edit the photos instantly. Afterwards, users can also create their own album and manage the photos that they publish and share on their Instagram account. 

2. Mattebox ($4.99) – Mattebox is one of the best photo apps for both iPhone and iPad. It enhances the photos that you can take with your iPhone by providing different settings that will enable your iPhone to take shots similar to that of high-end cameras. The great feature that Mattebox has is its real exposure compensation, half-press state, shutter release, and brightness enhancer.

3. Camera +($1.99) – Is another photo app like Instagram and Mattebox that allows users to control shots and immediately edit the photos taken by the app. For many users, Camera+ is a good substitute to the already pre-installed Camera application in the iPhone. It is equipped with many features including shooting modes, photo flashlight, touch exposure and focus, grid view, and digital zoom up to 6 times. The photos you’ve taken are also stored in the app’s light box. 

camera apps for iPhone

4. Camerabag($1.99) – If you love the vintage feel then you will definitely love Camera bag. This award winning iPhone application is often used to make the pictures have a vintage effect. Some of the most popular Camera bag vintage effects include the Italiano and Lightleak effects. The app is fairly easy to use and is perfect for those needing simplicity and high quality photos.

5. Frameographer($4.99) – Frameographer is a photo and video app for iPhone and iPad. The app is used to create stop motion and time-lapse movies in high quality. The user interface is easy enough to understand and can be used even by those who have no knowledge about video editing or adding effects. The movie that frameographer creates comes from shots of still photos and playing it back at a designated speed. 

6. ProCamera 7 ($1.99) – ProCamera 7 is an application that can be used to edit both still images and videos. The app has several useful tools that enable users to make stunning video and photo creations. Some of these tools and features include self-timer, anti shake, social network sharing, night camera mode, full screen trigger, quick flick album, rapid fire burst, and 6X foto and video zoom capability. 

7. FaceTune($2.99) – Make a perfect portrait withFaceTune, this photo and video app for iPhone and iPad helps edit portrait images to perfection. The app is perfect for those who want to make their profile pictures in social networking sites the best. FaceTune saves the users the time that they could have spent in editing their pictures if they used Adobe Photoshop. It is now updated to fit iOS7 settings and is designed to ensure that each portrait photo will have the perfect skin, perfect smile, face reshape, dark circles removals, blemishes removal, and other details enhanced. 

8. Aviary (Free) – Aviary is a free photo editor application for iPhone that allows users to create creative and artistic photos by means of using various filters, stickers, cool frames, and touch-up tools. Some of Aviary’s best features include the use of 20 plus free app tools, red-eye removal, teeth whitening, and blemish removals. 

With these apps that can be used to enhance your iPhone’s camera capability there’s really no reason not to enjoy picture-perfect moments any time.

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