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There are a number of android apps which have been developed for users to choose from. The number of these apps increases on a daily basis. They are useful applications for engineers, smart phone owners, web designers and developers among others. Some of these applications are free whereas others are paid for before utilizing them. These android web hosting applications may include the following:-

Rackspace app

For those involved in cloud computing, this is the best application for you. The application is useful as it enables customers to manage their cloud serves and even cloud files. Through the same application, clients or customers are able to come up with their cloud servers or view their files, change and even delete some of the files. This makes it a very useful app for clients who are engaged in cloud service.

Magic color picker

This android application is specifically designed for web developers, web designers and programmers. The application makes use of palette and slider in performing color selections. It supports a number of color models such as HSV, RGB and HSL among others thus making it useful among many people or designers. As any other applications, updates are a mandatory with magic color picker and must include a magnifying glass and color comparisons among other features.

android web hosting applications


The application enhances speed in host websites and also server files in HTTP. It can be used in translating private hotspots into a hoc file server among other functions. This is important as it helps in the transfer of large files without any cable around thus making it very convenient for users. KWS may also facilitate loading of files to smart phones thus making it one of the best android application for users.

Server density

Servers play an important role when it comes to loading of data. It is therefore necessary to have a server density as this will help monitor the rate at which the server loads data. Server loading time averages entirely depend on many factors which include: the processes of the server that are running, memory utilization in data centers. The application help in getting data stats real-time which is very useful in making decisions or any other corrections deemed necessary within the server. To make it easier in understanding, the application comes up with graphs thus making visualization possible. This is a free app for you; make use of it anytime anywhere.


This is specifically designed for mobile FTPS, FTP, SCP customers or users. It basically helps one to connect or link up with host servers with much ease. The app functions in syncing, sharing of features, uploading of stuff, and comes with a browser with enabled downloader to both the mobile phone and the FTP file. It is very useful as it allows editing of FTP files far away from one’s personal computer or office computer. This is convenient and comfortable. However, to use the application, you have to pay some money which may not be that expensive.


The application provides the best solution when it comes to password guarding. It guards passwords by developing a master password with a strong cryptographic algorithm to take care of your passwords. It does not require internet access in order to use it.

In conclusion, many android applications, whether free or paid for, have made work easier and at the same time cheaper for individual and organizations/businesses.

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