Contus Fly vs Slack vs Hipchat – A Comparison of Communication Tool

For businesses that need more than just another free and public communication tool, a chat app is a helping hand….

marker based augmented reality app

Augmented Reality App Development – Building and Cost factors

Augmented Reality, the perspective altering technology has been in the news for all the right reasons. To begin with, it…

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How to Build WhatsApp like Messaging app & Technical Checklist to Consider

Calls, messages, file transfers – All the three makes the majority of actions made by any smartphone owner in the…


Mobile Commerce App Builder – Give your businesses an edge on iOS / Android

Contus M Comm – A Multi-Faceted Mobile Commerce App Building Solution Contus M Comm is a launchpad for your mobile…

Online Order Fulfillment Process

Maximize Fulfillment Rates With An Online Order Management Software

With businesses adding several product lines and supply channels to their portfolios, sustaining order fulfillment at a steady rate is…

delivery tracking app features

A Delivery Tracking Software to Delight your Customers with Early Deliveries

There is an unsaid secret to eCommerce success. Faster deliveries = Happier customers! eCommerce giants like Amazon, ebay, Etsy; why,…

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Best Inventory and Order Management

Top 5 Inventory and Order Management Software on Cloud

Order and inventory management are heavily interdependent functions that can spell ‘PROFIT’ or ‘LOSS’ for a business. Effectively managed inventory…

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How to Create an Online Video Streaming Site like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Twitch?

Video streaming has long since found its way beyond the home television. With the help of video streaming, it is…