Top Apps You Should Have in Your Smartphone

The one which comes into existence only after the combined efforts of the professionals who think far beyond their imagination to accelerate and upgrade the features of it so that the maximum benefits can be drawn from the users. The one capable of driving you off from your seat and let your eyes wide open with the most attractive and the Prodigy design is none other than the apps. Well, as many times I will put my words for its appreciation the very next moment a new app will be developed outperforming the other ones. The world is so huge and mesmerizing that words would not be enough to highlight its importance of this great one. Here is the list of well-updated apps that you should have on your smartphone.

So, let’s proceed on with the list.

  1. SWIGGY: – Are you looking for a food delivery app? Here is this app for you that will finish your hunger by stopping the chase with the spiciest and the delicious food which you might have dreamt of.  As you set your location on this app, you can scroll down your fingers through the sea of menu capable of watering your mouth. Just click on your favorite and the very next moment the delivery boy will be waiting with your box in his hand. Download this awesome app and let you enjoy your food even in the pale moonlight with a good company.


Download here: SWIGGY

  1. LAST PASS PASSWORD MANAGER: – This is one of those apps that you must install on your device to protect it from the external malware. It might happen that while setting the password for your device, you think of a unique and the complicated password which you might forget in the long run. This very awesome app automatically saves the last entered password thus never blowing it from your mind.

lost password manager


  1. AMAZON KINDLE: – The one which takes you to the excursions sitting at your home, giving all the relevant information about what you are studying along with the great and the heart touching stories and the talks of the legends is one of the best companions you have in your life. Well, I am talking about the books which have these over exciting and overwhelming features capable of transforming you to a well renowned professional. All you want is available in Amazon Kindle where you just imagine the books and the next moment it will be in your hand. Not only purchasing you can also read the books online or download it to read in your leisure time.

amazon kindle

Download here: AMAZON KINDLE

  1. AWESUMMLY: – The morning with a newspaper in one of your hand reading with full concentration far away from the noise of the overgrowing world is always the start you want for. Reading the newspaper in the motherly arms of nature is always the type of morning you dreamt of. Whatever the matter is going on you cannot leave your newspaper, but the busy schedule of the outperforming work drives you away from it. So, here is this awesome app Awesummly that has been regarded as the best short news app offering the most advanced features in a very short interval of time. The company reaching the heights of success in this short instant of time is far more than appreciable.


Download here: SHORT NEWS

or read short news directly from the website.

  1. CRICKBUZZ: – Now it’s time to flow into the world of raining sixes, and the magical swivel by the bowlers confusing the batsmen whether to defense or go for a lofted short. Crickbuzz is one such app embedded with the awesome features capable of driving you off from your seat with the mind blowing commentary and the description of each and every spell by the legendary bowlers. Download this app from the Play Store and have a match with your cricketer sleeping inside you.


Download here: CRICKBUZZ

  1. WUNDERLIST: – If you want your things done you should have this app on your device. It is the one which keeps a track record of all your works you have to do in the future. Unlike most of the apps, it is embedded with reminders that update you with the basic stuff remembering all about your complex works.


Download here: WUNDERLIST

  1. NETFLIX: – One of the most famous movies streaming app that let you enjoy all your favorites with a single click of the button by just scrolling down through it. The app contains the sea of movies letting you dive into the world of imaginations with the creepy and the thrilling atmosphere of the thrillers capable of ripping your soul. Download this awesome app and flow into the world of your favorite movies and T.V series.


Download here: NETFLIX

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  1. Hey Shamim!
    Thank you for penning the cool list of applications which we can install on our smartphones. Thank you for the information.

    Warm Regards,

  2. Hi, Shameem
    Following Apps must be in your Smartphines.
    1- Watsapp
    2- Skype
    3- Facebook Messenger
    and whatever your mobile memory allow 😉

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