Apple iPhone 6: What’s in it?

Even though there hasn’t been only six months since Apple iPhone 5S was launched in the market, there is already a lot of news about iPhone 6 coming I the market. A lot of questions and speculations re being raised by this concerning the size, technology, display, feature etc. However, none of these questions can be answered with full conviction till Tim Cook makes a final announcement later this year. Following are some of the latest updates on Apple iPhone 6 doing rounds in the industry.


If these speculations are to be believed, Apple iPhone 6 is going to be the most expensive iPhone ever released. iPhones are always considered as  premium smartphones and the new iPhone 6 will definitely come with a premium price tag, maybe $100 more than what the last version costs. As this is the era of bigger screen smartphone, the increased cost of display and technology will perhaps lead to the increase in the price tag.

Big Screen

The next version of Apple iPhone is going to be anywhere between 5.5 and 5.7 inches and will be like iPhone/iPad. Apple is likely to continue with 1136 x 840 pixels resolution which will see pixel density falling to 389 ppi. However, the brilliant retina status will provide excellent viewing angles to the device. Another alternate theory is that Apple might just switch the display technology and shift towards a Quad HD display which was announced last year.

Bigger Dimensions

iPhone 6 is going to be much wider and larger than iPhone 5C. However, the color options will be again restricted as Apple’s experiment with the colored options has not gone as successful as expected. IOS 8 is believed to be running iPhone 6, and increased display implies that more pre-installed apps can be fit in the device without affect this look of the interface much.

apple iphone 6

Will it sport a sapphire screen?

An unusual yet exciting rumor about Apple iPhone6 which may become true over time is the introduction of sapphire screens. It is going to be much more durable than glass for sure. It’s true that sapphire costs much, however if a big vendor used sapphire to scale then the cost will become reasonable. If any device in future uses this screen, it will make this device nearly indestructible.

It’s still some time before the Apple fan base finally gets confirmed news about Apple iPhone 6 specs. Whatever the case, iPhone 6 will be one of the most awaited smartphones of the year.

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