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Android market is an official store providing applications compatible with the Android operation system. There are many free and paid services as well. The given article is aimed to introduce all nuances of purchasing of applications through Android. Of course, many paid applications can be found online and used for free of charge; however, as you know, it is not good to steal things, while more or less serious programs have protection from such incidents.

Moreover, the programs installed from other sources are not checked for automatic updates, and there is a chance to catch a Trojan. In most cases, prices are not significant and unlikely to be able to bring you to ruin. Most people are aware of Android market, but many of them still do not know how to make a purchase of the desired application or a favorite game.

If your device is locked the opportunity to buy the program (this also happens), there is no need to despair. You will be able to remove this lock. Thus, before you start, make sure you have the following features installed on your phone: root access, Market Access or Market Enabler and a fresh version of the Market application. The given instruction is written for all those who want to purchase the application through the Android Market.

Make Payments through Google Checkout

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All financial transactions in the Android market are carried out through Google Checkout. Perhaps, you have already got a Google account, so you will need to login only. Google Checkout is considered to be very safe and reliable. There is a possibility to make purchases with American express cards in our country. Hopefully, in a little while there will be a chance to make the payments through Pay Pal as well. It is highly recommended to have Classic or MasterCard Standard or higher.

Why there is a limit on the type of the card? Classic cards already have a special CVV2-code that supports the possibility of paying online shopping. This code, as a rule, consists of three of four digits and applied on the back of the card, in the signature area. Besides, different payroll cards, such as visa electron and MasterCard Maestro will not work as there is no CVV2-code on them required for online payment.

What to do if you don’t have a bank card or if the type of your card is not suitable for online payments? Unfortunately, it may happen to each of us. There is a simple and more preferred way out of this situation – it is a virtual card.  A virtual card can be considered as the same international bank card, but you will not be able to see or hold it in your hands. Actually, all you will need to know is the card details: its number; card type; expiration date; the cardholder’s name, and the CVV2-code.

Go to Google Checkout page and enter the details of the account you are using on the phone. You will be able to see a page with a form to add data to the credit card. Carefully fill in the fields. Write the name of the owner as shown on the credit card.

Well, you are done with a card. Now it is time to choose a favorite application to be purchased. After clicking “Buy” you automatically get to the payment page. If you have reached this page for the first time, and your payment method is not registered yet, you will be asked to perform one task only – to add a credit card. As soon as you proceed with the payment, you will be able to see “Purchased” button on the application page. Using “My purchases” you can always look at the detailed information about your purchases.

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