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Have you ever found yourself in such a nasty situation when your favourite app suddenly force close, stop responding or as we are used to say the app crush? Did you asked yourself why the app stopped unexpectedly without any reason? Well, let me say that the app do not stop or crash without any reason. So below we are going to share the most common cases that the app crashes and how to prevent or fix it.

But before we go into the reasons why Android Apps force close and crash you have to learn to optimize your Android device for better performance so it will have a plus if it is optimized. Once you do that you can go to learn about the factors that cause app crash and optimize your phone to prevent it.


Developers when create any app have a main challenge. They should make the app to work in various devices. So it might happen that an app work perfectly on a Galaxy S5 or S6 but do not in a Galaxy S1 or S2. These devices have a huge difference in terms of CPU speed and data processing. So if you are using an app designed to work in last-end devices in an older device, chances for it to crash are bigger. Usually when an app take more than 5 seconds to boot the OS automatically kill it. This is the main reason why and app force stop and crash. The only thing you can do is to try any app which can boost a little performance of your phone or simply buy a new device.

android app crash


When a developer start creating an app is impossible to test it on all devices. So some apps may perform very well in some devices and may stop responding and crash in some others. Testing in various device will be time-consuming and it’s very nasty so the developers try to make it compatible with almost all the Android devices but it is impossible due to fragmentation. The misfit issues can happen also when the OS is updated and the app not. For example you may have heard that when Android Lollipop was released mostly of the apps didn’t work on it and they need to be updated. So don’t be surprised when a new update hits your phone and some of the apps start misbehaving and crash unexpectedly.


Did the app crash after you switch your network connection? This happen mostly in older devices because flagship phones have a built-in auto network switcher to switch and minimize data loss. Some app may still suffer from this issue but the data lose is minimized at that point so the apps won’t force close. This is a older problem reported for many years but it look like no one have done anything to fix it. Both developers and Google are focused in creating new stuff and not fixing the issues. The only thing that work is to turn off the app before switching to another network type.


In many cases the reason why an app start misbehaving and crash is human errors. This means that developer were not enough carefully when coding the app. Incorrect code usually is refered as a non-existing variable and it results in a fatal error called null-pointer error. So if a developer has put a non-existing variable in the code, the app may result into a null-pointer error and force close.


When an app start misbehaving like it force close, stop works or as we usually says the app crashes, there are few simple thing you can do. Go to Settings > Applications > All Apps and find the app that misbehave. Tap on it and then tap on Clear Cache. If the apps still crash then you will need to clear app data.

You may need to clear the cache of all the phone because sometimes it cause issues. To clear the cache you can use any app. There are plethora of apps available on Play Store or simply turn off your phone and boot into Recovery. In Recovery there is an option that allows you to clear cashe. Once done reboot the phone and it should work fine now.

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  1. Hi Shameem

    I am using Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime and it is suffering from ‘force close’ problem for 2 months. I will clear cache of the apps which behave like this. Thanks for the informative post.

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