7 Reasons to Get Some Headphones

Headphones are an incredibly useful tool, for many different reasons. If you don’t own any, you’re missing out on some great opportunities such as listening to music while travelling, working from your laptop in a public place, and countless other things. Here are just a few of the great reasons to invest in a decent pair of headphones:


Computer game nerds are frequently the annoyance of a household, hogging the TV and playing aggressive noises loudly. Whether you play games on your computer or via a games console connected to your TV, you may not realize how loud and annoying those sounds are. Get yourself a pair of headphones to spare the sanity of the people you live with! As a bonus, get a headset with an in-built microphone and you’ll be able to converse with other players in online games.

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A lot of airlines will supply you with earbuds to use for their entertainment systems, but many times they will charge you for them and, besides, those airplane earbuds can be incredibly uncomfortable! Do you really want to spend several hours with them plugged into your ears? Get a decent pair of headphones to make your journey more comfortable and entertaining!

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Working in Public

If you often work from your laptop, then you have the luxury of working in coffee shops whenever you feel like it! This is great, but it can be difficult when you realize you want to watch a video or listen to some music, but you don’t have any headphones. You can’t really blast out sounds from your computer while you’re in a public place, so save yourself some hassle and grab a pair of headphones to take with you.


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Music is the savior of many runners, as the beat helps them to keep going and the music ensures they don’t get bored while they’re out. It can also be an excellent distraction for those parts of the run you really hate! Unfortunately, you can’t really listen to music when you’re out running on the streets – unless you have some headphones! Invest in a sports pair that will stay secure while you move.

Going to the Gym

Music is definitely an excellent accompaniment to exercise, especially if you workout in a gym with lots of other people and music being blasted out of speakers all around. If that music doesn’t get you pumped up, you’re unlikely to have a good workout session, so play it safe and take your own music that you know will get you in the groove!

Public Transport

Taking public transport can be a tiresome thing, particularly if you’re on an overcrowded, hot bus on a long journey. Take some music with you to drown out the screaming children and arguing families.


Although walking can be a nice, relaxing way of getting around, if you often find yourself following the same routes, it can get pretty boring and need something to liven it up. Music is the ideal solution, of course! Just pick up some decent headphones and load up your MP3 player with the music of your choice.

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  1. Headphones are extremely useful; especially for those who work a lot of time in front of their computers. Headphones help to cut off outside noise and helps us to focus; it also helps us to relax.

    I also use them to listen to podcasts while travelling.

  2. Headphones are must nowadays… I use my headphones almost for all the above listed reasons 🙂
    In fact I cannot live a day without my headphones 🙂 If I miss my headphones it feels like I have lost something from my body itself 🙂

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