7 Apps i Love and Here are The Reasons Why

The word ‘phone’ does not justify the functions we are offered today by our mobile phones or should I say smartphones. Now our phones have become so more than a call making and receiving the device, or it is not just used for text messaging, our phone is our camera, it is our map, our source of entertainment, our way of socializing in today’s society. A smartphone is practically a walking PC in your pocket, a magical device, from sending an email important to playing your favorite movie on the go, it pretty much does it all.

Smartphones have created the whole new world of opportunities; professionals have started making living out of making and selling apps. Apps which is an abbreviation of applications are a computer software designed to provide infinite convenience for smartphone user everywhere. Whoever uses the smartphone are well aware of App Store or Google Play Store, these stores have apps right about anything you need to make your life easier and more entertaining. About any child of today can count on their fingers, what apps you must have on your smartphones.

Research shows that 80% of the time you are using your phone to use an app. Over 75 billion apps are downloaded from Google Play Store and App Store combined only this year worldwide, and numbers are estimated to be double by next year. 30% of these apps were only social media apps. We have top 7 picks on our list today, and we will tell you exactly why you will love them.

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The buzz of Instagram is everywhere; there is no way you have not heard of it by now. When Instagram started out it was all about expressing yourself with a picture and aesthetic, but ever since Facebook has purchased it, they have introduced charming new features, such as short video recording and instant messaging. Instagram currently has more than 300 million active users, and over 30 billion photos were shared on the platform to date. Users of Instagram spend 1 billion hours on the app each month collectively.

Reasons to love it, because it lets you upload unlimited pictures and videos, it is pleasing to your visual sense, let us not forget that photo filters are life saviour, its fun and interactive and absolutely free.

FIVES: Or if you prefer 5s, is a fun and simple puzzle game of number 5 (like the name suggests). Basically, you keep adding the same number to each other, for as long as you can, till you reach the highest number. 5s has got 5 million downloads on Google Play Store and had an average rating of 4 stars.

Reasons to love it, because it does not eat up your phone’s memory, it has a very minimalistic design and yet it’s super addictive, it’s challenging and plus point for you if you are a math geek.


Quiz Up by plain Vanilla Games corp is a time-based trivial game; you can play on any subject that struck your fancy. From history to pop culture and Harry Potter to World war they have got it all. It has been reported that Quiz up has 75 million active users and number are keep adding up.

Reasons to love it, because it’s competitive, you can play this game against a friend or someone else, trivia is always fun, you will get stuck into this game, you can pretend you are smart while playing it. 

FLAPPY BIRD: It is an arcade game, with the birds as your key players. I mean what is there not to love. It has got 50 million downloads only last year and had 68,800 reviews on App Store. Flappy bird is considered No.1 free game in 53 countries.

Here are some reasons to love it, because it’s a great distraction if you are stuck in any uncomfortable situation, it has a clean design and have easy controls, and gives you a bragging right among the children.

SLACK: It is an innovative collaborating app, a team of people can come together and find a solution for anything, or create a brand new idea. Slacks currently have 3 million active users and 939,000 of them have a premium account.

Reasons to love it, because it has an instant messaging service, it cares about your privacy, lets you created different channels for different subjects, you can share your files using Dropbox or Google Drive.

AIRG LIFESTYLE CHAT: Created by Airg corp, it is a community-based chat service app, you can interact with the members of your community and share your interests and hobbies and discuss whatever new trend is going on.

With over hundreds of reviews for airg lifestyle chat, reasons to love it, because it values community, you can play games, gossip about celebrities and find out what is going around you.

WHATSAPP: It is an instant text messaging app, with a very high chance of replacing traditional texting method, this app is so popular and useful that the app has become a verb on it own, instead of saying “text me” people are saying “Whatsapp me”. Whatsapp has 1 billion active users worldwide, and the chances are that these numbers will double by next year.

Reasons to love it, because it lets you share so much more than just text messages, you can share tonnes of pictures, videos, and documents, allows you to create a group, saves up your money on mobile credit.

Some of these apps have made our day to day tasks so much easier that we cannot do without them anymore, they have become essential parts of our lives.

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Alma Causey is a blogger by choice and profession. She loves to read and write about different aspects related to technology and medical. She is currently working as a blogger for www.braintest.com, providing dementia testing online. Find her on Twitter:@Almacausey

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