4 Steps Strategy for Examining your Social Media in 2013

For the past years social media is getting more popular for many different reasons. Nowadays, many organizations are involved in social media in promoting their products and services. There are different platforms of social media to choose from but the common goal is to obtain more visitors to your account and eventually build customers.As time passed, social media has been the mainstream that most customers are using in connecting with any organization. That is why any organization involved in social media strategies should make the necessary adjustments in 2013.

Simple adjustments for the organization in 2013

1. Focus on conversations:

Many organizations are using social media as a broadcasting tool such as sending out notices of events and sales. Likewise, they also use social media in sending out press releases and corporate announcements. In 2013, organizations should start using social media for conversations with their customers. Thus, organizations should set up listening tools in order to know what customers are saying about. They can also use social media in responding to customers so that people will start talking with you. Lastly, the organization should determine the type of conversations needs to be heard in 2013.

2. Focus on visual:

Posting status updates of the organizations and businesses in social media account is not enough. Instead, organizations should look for ways on how to encourage people to visit your account or website. In this sense, it is important to add photos or videos of your business or organization and share it with your customers. It will surely increase engagement by 100%.

Social Media Strategy

3. Focus on video:

Most people are using YouTube when watching videos. In this sense, it will also increase engagement with your customers if the organization will post short videos. Creating videos for TV commercial does not guarantee that you can grab the attention of your target customers. In this sense, if you will create short video make sure to share your main points immediately because the first 15 seconds play significant role in connecting with viewers. You can post the video either on Facebook or YouTube and use the Facebook in sharing with Facebook page fans while use YouTube in sharing to a wider range of audience.

4. Focus on Customers:

One of the main reasons why most organizations and businesses fail is because they are not focusing on their customers. Most of the time they focus on their products, sales staff and other things related to their business. In 2013, make sure to give attention to customers and start a conversation. In this way, you will know what your customers want and eventually invite them to engage with your organization.

Finally, after doing all those things cited above, organizations should always have next steps such as creating a link. As much as possible you should encourage customers to click a link leading to a new product. It is necessary to invite or ask customers to take the next steps. This will get your organization a step closer to the customers. As long as you follow the reshaping steps, you can expect to obtain more engaged customers in 2013.

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