4 SEO Benefits of Google+ You Should Take Advantage Of

Google+ is a late entrant in the social media scene and has to contend with competition from stalwarts like Facebook and Twitter.Except for a few people who are genuinely enthused about trying out new things, frankly very few people would be eager about getting on ‘yet another’ social media platform.

So what does Google+ do? Simple. Takes advantage of its relationship with search engine giant Google and dangle the SEO carrot. Now that is something no business can resist. And in fact no business should give up such fabulous SEO benefits.

Google+ Advantages:

  1. Google+ Offers DoFollow Links:

Do-follow links are very valuable for SEO as they offer link juice for search ranking. Several popular social media site links including Facebook and Twitter have the no-follow attribute. Score for Google+.

And remember Google+ is a PR8 website. So Google+ offers you a relatively simple (and free) ways to get high a PR back link.And you can use your preferred keyword anchor texts in your profile to link back to your website. Another score of Google+.

  1. Google+ Results are Integrated into Google’s Personalized Search:

Google’s ‘Search Plus Your World’ means that for users logged into their Google account, the search results will pull out data from their Google+ circles, including content, photos etc shared and +1d by people in their Google+ circles.

Google wants to provide them results recommended by friends as they are likely to trust such recommendations more. So if your content has more +1s, it has greater chances of ranking at the top in the SERP of more people.

Also search is personalized by default and one has to actively turn it off.  Thus by simply adding the +1 button to your content, you can impact your search ranking.

google plus

  1. Google Indexes Google+ Content Very Fast:

Content posted on Google+ gets indexed within seconds and shows up, admittedly on personalized results. But as we discussed above, the default setting is personalized. Moreover if you have more people in your Google+ circles, you will be visible in the SERP of many people for fresh content recently uploaded.

  1. Google+ Offers Authorship Markup to Highlight your Results on the SERP:

You can verify yourself as the author of your content to Google by linking your posts to your Google+ profile and linking back from your profile to your posts. Now, Google displays your content in the SERP with an eye catching photo and additional information about number of people in your Google+ circles as well as the option to see more of your work.  This makes your result stand out, increasing the click-thru rate, which enhances traffic. And greater traffic is a positive SEO sign.

And people can directly link to your Google+ profile from the SERP and then go on to add you to their circles, which further enhances your visibility in personalized search.

Are you taking advantage of these SEO benefits of Google+?

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