12 Places You Didn’t Know Had Free WiFi

Have you ever been away from home and wished you could find a free WiFi connection? Well, they are popping up in more and more places around the U.S. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty easy to find a WiFi connection now if you know where to look. Try going to one of these 12 locations to connect for free.

WiFi for Recreation and Fun

People like to go online when they’re having fun to post photos of their adventures. Several recreational spots make this possible with free WiFi.

Large City Parks: Not all parks have free WiFi, but it is becoming more and more common in large parks, especially if they are in the city. So, the next time you’re at a park, check to see if you can get free WiFi.

Malls: You can typically grab a bench and connect to free WiFi if your mall is big enough. They like to cater to a young audience, and WiFi is something teens have come to expect.

Campgrounds: Most people go camping to get disconnected from social media and the Internet. However, many campgrounds are implementing free WiFi as a way to attract more guests. It’s particularly common in RV parks.

Everyday Places with WiFi

free wifi hotspots

If connecting on the go is important to you, check out these everyday places with free WiFi.

Laundromats: It’s quite common for Laundromats to have free WiFi because people have to spend large chunks of time there, especially college students.

Buses and Public Transportation: This one might surprise you, but many buses and trains have implemented free WiFi for their passengers. This makes the commute a lot more bearable.

Fast Food Restaurants: Everyone knows free WiFi is common in coffee shops, but lots of fast food restaurants have adopted it, too.

Public Places with WiFi

The government and large organizations sometimes offer free WiFi as a convenience.

Hospitals and Medical Clinics: Whether you’re staying in the hospital overnight, waiting for someone in surgery, or just visiting someone that’s ill, you can use your laptop to connect to free WiFi at the hospital.

Public Administration Buildings: If you have to renew your driver’s license or serve jury duty, you may be able to pull out your smartphone or laptop and go online. Many public administration buildings around the U.S. offer free WiFi.

Airports: Most airports offer WiFi, but only some of them offer it for free. So, check the airport’s website before you schedule a layover to see if you’ll be able to connect without a fee.

WiFi for Educational Purposes

The Internet is a great place to supplement your education, which is why many educational institutions offer WiFi for free.

Libraries: Libraries used to be the go-to place for Internet because not everyone had it at home. However, now you don’t have to use one of their computers, you can connect to free WiFi.

Schools: Depending on which school you go to, you can get free WiFi. Of course, you typically have to be a student or teacher to access it.

Museums: You’d be surprised how many museums offer free WiFi to their guests. You can use it to look up more information about artists or stay connected to other people while you’re inside.

If you don’t have high-speed internet at home, start visiting all the places mentioned here to connect for free. Of course, it’s nice to have the convenience of Internet at home.

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